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Areas To Visit
Wild Georgia! are the adventure specialists in these Georgian mountain regions.

Each of them is individually unique:


Khesureti is a mountainous region, where natural wonders of rock and shale conceal ancient marvels - the fortresses built by Khevsurians long ago. At the northern limits of Georgia, where the mountains rise above 3000 meters, the locals settled in fortified villages composed of hundreds of towers, from which the mountain passes could be observed and defend from invaders.

Khevsureti is located about 90 - 120 km due north of the Tbilisi capital - high on the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus where deep gorges make way for the course of rivers and mist. Here, the adventurer discovers ancient towers and wild nature within the cloudy peaks. The ancient citadels of Shatili and Mutso still stand in Khevsureti and are inhabited by the hospitable Khevsurs.

These spectacular highlands offer great opportunities to see wildlife such as Goshawks, White-throated Dippers, Caucasian Turs and other wild ungulate species.


The Lagodekhi Reserve offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the great variety of landscapes found in this isolated natural treasure of eastern Georgia close to the western border of Azerbaijan.

Lagodekhi offers lush subtropical forests at lower altitudes reveal beautiful waterfalls from glaciers above. Many rare and protected plant species make their home here. At higher altitudes within the reserve, deciduous forests give way to vast tundra and icy lakes.

This is the ideal place to experience nature’s intimate beauty by hiking the many adventurous trails which take you from a moist secretive world, to a vast and dry expanse above 3000 meters. In Lagodekhi, visitors will discover owls and woodpeckers, martens and wildcats, as well as key endemic species of the Caucasus such as the Caucasian Grouse.


Kazbegi one  if the most  the famed mountainous landscape of Georgia, where the grand peak of the same name rises above 5000 meters amidst snow-covered ranges, glaciers, and breathtaking gorges. Being only a day’s drive from Tbilisi, the region offers many trails of varying elevation towards the Kazbegi Peak and its vicinity. Here, ancient castles and churches perch above the world, reminding the traveler that no matter how great humanity’s feats, we are always humbled by nature’s magnificence.

At Kazbegi, the nature of the Caucasus offers its best, and while standing on colorful slopes of wild flowers travelers may get an opportunity to watch soaring vultures and eagles, to hear the song of the noble  biord of thesnowcock cascade down the precipice, and to discover mountain goats daringly scampering up the crags.


Tusheti is without doubt  of the most beautiful mountain regions of Georgia - with it’s amazing alpine meadows, snowy mountains, glaciers, and a variety of forests. All these are important ecosystems for rare and endangered plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.In the winter only a handful of people live permanently in the mountains - giving the fauna and flora plenaty of time to rest before Abano Pass opnes up for access in late May/Early June

Located on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Tusheti is about 270 km northeast of the Tbilisi capital, and it is home to a unique population of ethnic Georgians, the Tush. These remote highlands regions are inhabited in four ancient communities: Pirikiti, Gometsari, Chaghma, Tsova.

Adventurers traveling to this un-spoilt mountain region are likely to see such rare speciec such as wild mountain goats, lynxs, lammergeiers, golden eagles  as well as a plethora of endemic flowers.

Ancient Christian traditions took root in the Tushetian mountains long ago, and since then they have been practiced and celebrated unlike anywhere else in Georgia. Tushetian holidays and festivals are famed for their wild horse races, mountain pilgrimages, beer-brewing, and outdoor feasts.


The fertile  Kakheti Valley is nested below the towering Tusheti Mountains and is intricately linked to the high  places.  In the winter the Tush live here and tend to their agriculture and sheep and cattle before migrating into the mountains when Spring arrives. Kakheti is also the home of some of the most famous wines in Georgia and is an extremely fertile place where  best of  fresh fruits and vegetables  is grown. It is a true oasis of abundance and culinary offerings - and therefore also rich in history of invading armies and epic battles!

In Kakehti we invite our small groups of  visitors to visit the ancient ?? Century Alaverdi Cathedral, the wall ringed mountain town of Signaghi and some of the wonderful wineries offering  the best of red and white wine.  A well deserved feast of cultural, oenological and gastronomical experiences after a high mountain adventure!

A visit to  Kakehti is  a must for every Caucasus mountain visitor - and is a well earned yet stark contrast to the more austere mountain adventure.  From the overflowing tables of Kakhetian hospitality you are urged to fill your goat horn and toast the the snowy peaks of the high Caucasus shimmering high  above!

Adventures with Wild Georgia! will leave footprints in your heart.