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About Georgia
AlaverdiWe all live on a Planet with fewer  wild places  left and yearn for the unspoiled Nature with her abundance of beauty, charm, and solitude. The mountain ranges of Georgia is just such a place!
Georgia is located amidst the magnificent Lesser and Greater Caucasus, between the Black and Caspian Seas in one of the world’s richest ecological regions. Its natural habitats are diverse and its mountains higher than the Alps - without the throngs of people and encroachment of civilization.

The Caucasus is a complex system of mountains, with majestic peaks rising above 5000 meters, harboring truly wild country, where the fauna and flora of Europe meets that of the Middle East. Astoundingly, Georgia’s small size (about 70,000 sq km) offers a great variety of adventure destinations, ranging from high alpine meadows to semi-arid deserts; from moist subtropical forests to highland steppes scattered with volcanoes.

15662.jpgThe rich traditions of the Georgian people, with a set of languages and a script of ancient roots, have been modeled through the ages by the very mountains that nestle their nation. Since antiquity, Georgians have received a constant flow of travelers crossing their ‘land-bridge’ between the East and the West. Renowned for their hospitality, Georgians are proud to host visitors. Even in the most inaccessible mountain villages, travelers will quickly find themselves amidst new friends, sharing in the delicious Georgian food and wine. Below the backdrop of perpetual white peaks, ancient villages welcome new friends to a journey beyond time, where the song of the highlands is heard at every table. 

During Soviet Union era  the Republic of Georgia was known by visitors  to be one of the most desired places in the region to spend a vacation.  Tourists flocked here to enjoy the natural wonders of Georgia and its legendary hospitality.

After the Soviet collapse the tourists disappeared for almost ten years and now the first trickle of visitors from all over the World have slowly returned.  And they all come back with great tales of a natural Georgia - still as magic as before - even more  - after its needed "beauty sleep"!  Georgia is  now awake and glorious as ever and its nature is now opened up for the discerned adventurer.  New National Parks have been created, basic travel infrastructure has been improved and it is a safe and joyful place to travel.  So now is the time to visit this world class mountain destination!

The Georgian mountains is a unique place and a fountain of life to celebrate your own freedom. It is a cornucopia of immense nature and deep-rooted traditions and therefore will be a  wonderful enrichment to any visitors' heart, soul, and mind.   

Mountain people like us and our guides at Wild Georgia! embrace the challenges  and opportunities that our beloved mountains offer. We enjoy sharing this spirit with you - our  special adventure guests. Our visitors are encouraged to climb the grassy slopes of the ridges and sleep under the summer night stars in the high mountain meadows. They will be lead safely into the quiet forest cathedrals and guided to scale majestic peaks, glaciers and highlands buried deep in snow.  We want you all to feel  excited  and welcome in our mountain home!

Many people will walk in and out of your life, we at Wild Georgia! seek to leave footprints forever in your heart.  Come with us!

Adventures with Wild Georgia! will leave footprints in your heart.