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Our Guides

Eka Tchvritidze

Wild Georgia! was founded in 2005 by Eka, a very accomplished Tushetian horseback rider and mountaineer. In 2000 she won the Tushetoba Horse Race as the first woman ever in Tushetian history! Her love of the Georgian mountains and its people is infectious, and her goal is to give adventurers a personal and life-changing vacation experience. Eka graduated from Trinity Episcopal School in Virginia, USA, and earned a B.A. in International Business at the University of Tbilisi. Eka has worked as a development tourism officer supporting non-governmental  organizations  involved with tourism and conservation. On the side she owns hundreds of beehives and has a sucessful honey family business. Her thorough knowledge and amazing enthusiasm of the Georgian wild mountains keep providing wild  Georgia guests unforgettable memories.

Irma Tchvritidze

  Irma Tchvritidze
Irma is one our client’s favorite guide – always ready with a flashing smile – and make no mistake, she can out - hike anybody!  While she has guided many of our groups in Tusheti  during the Summer she also managed recently to finish medical school in Tbilisi. Her cooking skills are to rave about and she rides a bareback on any wild Tushetian Horse! Irma  speaks fluently English and Russian and our clients often say that  “Service” is her natural  middle name!  Irma also runs a small but successful summer café in Omalo.

Iuri Bukvaidze


Once you meet Iuri and get to know him well, you'll find he is the personification of a true mountain man. His enthusiasm about nature is outstanding. With a heart full of love and sweetness, and experiences of hard mountain living for over 29 years, he knows every spot and step of the Tushetian mountains. He has 12 years of guiding experience in the alpine meadows and varied wilderness of Georgia. Iuri attended the University of Georgia, and studied International Law for five years. The rare blend of civilized and mountain behavior in this man is truly unique and will prove to define in Iuri an absolutely unforgettable guide. 

Khvicha Bukvaidze

Khvicha Bukvaidze
Mountains simply make me happy, they bring a smile to my face and fill my heart with a joy that lasts a long time." Upon meeting Khvicha for the first time, you will hear him say sentences such as this, reflecting the best aspects of his personality. Khvicha is a well-experience mountaineer, and has climbed many mountains all over the Caucasus successfully. He has led many tours throughout Georgia. and knows nearly every path in the mountain region of Kazbegi . It has even been said that Khvicha could walk with his eyes closed and still get to the top of the mountain. With over 30 years of experience in the Caucasus mountains, Khvicha is one of the most renowned Horse wranglers in Georgia.

Bidzina Gagoidze

Bidzina is the kind of man who takes his four and six year old kids up the mountains, 3000 meters and higher to the alpine meadows simply to spend meaningful time with them, so that together they may ride and trek through the beautiful landscape. If only all of us could share such wonderful experiences with our kids, and give them a chance to brave through the unforgettable beauty of mountains. Bidzini is eager to learn, even though he is already in his late thirties; this eagerness, he feels, opens opportunities to share with others the nature he loves. He attended university a third time to study archaeology, and he will tell you that "with my love of nature, I also want very much to understand what is hidden under the earth and rocks." Bidzina has been leading tours for many years, bringing large groups of mountaineers to Tusheti, and judging by the constant smiles on their faces, it is fair to say that for tourists so far away from their homes, such happiness only comes when under the hands of a friendly and experience guide.
Adventures with Wild Georgia! will leave footprints in your heart.