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Our Tours
  We invite you to take a look at our most popular itineraries:

Trekking in the Mountains of Poetry
Trekking the majestic Caucasus mountains of the Republic of Georgia – horseback support hiking in Khevsureti and Tusheti National Park.
7 Day Trip Into the Ancient Heart of Tusheti
Exploring through the most beautiful villages of Tusheti National Park.
8 Day Horseback Riding itinerary to Tusheti national park
Once in a life time horseback riding adventure to Tusheti National Park.
11 Day Exploration into the Tusheti National Park
Trekking through the Magical Mountains of Tusheti, in the High Caucasus. Hiking and Trekking in the newly established Tusheti National Park.

Design your own Adventure Tours

Wild Georgia! will personalize any amazing adventure into an unforgettable trip for you. Please contact us to design any adventure according to your schedule and the number of travelers in your group. Contact us with your specific needs and interests, and we'll take care of all necessary details in order to guarantee an adventure with Wild Georgia! you will never forget.

Family Adventure Tours

Give your family the unique opportunity to share incredible adventures together. Throughout the years we have taken many families on treks and horseback riding expeditions! At Wild Georgia! we know that nature is the best teacher, both for you and your children and our Family Adventure Tours provide a great chance for you to learn with your kids while exploring, encouraging them to grow strong in their respect for life's wonders.

Adventures with Wild Georgia! will leave footprints in your heart.